my boyfriend is the coolest

I’ve lost weight, gained weight, I wear makeup, heavier makeup, no makeup, fancy clothes, sweatpants, shaved, unshaved, he thinks I’m hot and wants to f me all the time anyway.

that’s how boyfriends should always act.

I just need that motivation…

How are people around me supposed to be happy with me if in not happy with myself. I’m in a funk and I don’t know what to do about it. I can stand looking at my body anymore and I want it to change now. I have no time to go and work out. I’ll mention it to my boyfriend and he just doesn’t want to listen to me because he thinks I’m perfect… Instead of shitting me out I just want him to support me in and motivate me even if he thinks I don’t need to, but I just feel like I’ll be more happier if I lost some pounds then everything will be okay. I’ll be happy. Not only is it my body it’s the fact this college thing has gone straight down. I was supposed to leave and get out if the state instead my local college denied me twice and I’m stuck with my other local college, which is fine (great school) but it’s not where I see myself. I don’t have roommate and I’m late with everything. I’m just stressed. unhappy. And I just want support and motivation. That’s all I want. It’ll lead me to become happy again.